Service from a Distance: Contactless Experiences Are The Future of Retail

As mentioned in the July Founder Notes, the way we purchase everything, from our groceries and daily goods to shopping, is shifting as states continue to urge residents to follow stay-at-home procedures and wearing masks is mandated or strongly suggested. Limiting exposure to only the necessary trips and keeping distance are among the ways we can… Continue reading

Black-Owned Tech Companies to Help You Scale

We at Sandbox Commerce believe that Black-owned businesses deserve to be lifted up on both the B2C and B2B side. Over the years, I’ve connected with dozens of amazing tech leaders (who happen to be Black) who are building products that extend the reach of small and medium businesses. As they continue to help their customers find success, we want to highlight them, similarly to how Shopify does for their partners.

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AWS Honeycode Insights from an industry insider 👨🏾‍💻

Over the weekend, I was asked to help a large management consulting firm understand AWS Honeycode so that they can determine if Amzon’s new product would be the way to go for users who need a general low-code / non technical development solution. As the founder of a no-code platform (Sandbox Commerce) I jumped at the opportunity as it gave me an excuse to dig into a new entrant into the space founded by an up and coming start-up called Amazon.

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Founders State Podcast 7/9/2020

Last week I had a chance to share my journey with one of my favorite customers, League of Rebels. We discussed how Sandbox Commerce supports contactless experiences, the future of retail & bootstrapping a no code platform. Check out the show below! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

The New Economy: How Sandbox Commerce Helps Customers Provide Unique Solutions

Over the last 90 days our team has seen innovative brands and retail entrepreneurs leverage our no-code platform in ways that we would have never imagined. Here are a few examples.You may know that Sandbox Commerce is the smartest way for brands and retailers to launch mobile apps that both increase engagement and increase long-term… Continue reading

Untitled Poem by Claris Esther

Centuries of violenceIn the United StatesSanctioned by lawAgainst one race The Civil War and reconstructionPromised some peaceAnd hope for equalityTill the KKK got unleashed They started rioting and murderingAcross the landAgainst any Black citizenWho dared take a stand So that red summerIn 1919 beganAnother century of violenceAcross the land We marched, and we sang,And we… Continue reading