Just read this article re NYC’s selective school system and the stat’s shocked me! Would love to read your feedback …

Asians make up roughly 73 percent of Stuyvesant’s 3,300 students, while white students are about 20 percent of the school. Hispanic students make up another 3 percent, with black students just under 1 percent. The city school system is nearly 70 percent black and Hispanic with white and Asian students making up roughly another 15 percent each.

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Lessons learned from a startup founder on The Pitch Podcast

A week ago today, episode #19 of The Pitch Podcast was published to Sticher Radio, Pocketcast, iTunes, etc.. One of my companies, SandBox Commerce was featured during a 90-minute recording. After nervously stumbling through a nearly incoherent introduction then finishing pretty strong, I managed to receive 2 verbal commitments from investors. Over the last few… Continue reading