Untitled Poem by Claris Esther

Centuries of violenceIn the United StatesSanctioned by lawAgainst one race The Civil War and reconstructionPromised some peaceAnd hope for equalityTill the KKK got unleashed They started rioting and murderingAcross the landAgainst any Black citizenWho dared take a stand So that red summerIn 1919 beganAnother century of violenceAcross the land We marched, and we sang,And we… Continue reading

How can brands increase engagement in the age of social distancing

The unexpected impact of COVID-19 pandemic and the required social distancing for public safety is hitting brick and mortar stores right in the heart of their business: in-person sales and engagement. With fewer people coming through their doors, sales are declining, and many owners are having to make hard decisions. How do you determine trends… Continue reading

Just read this article re NYC’s selective school system and the stat’s shocked me! Would love to read your feedback …

Asians make up roughly 73 percent of Stuyvesant’s 3,300 students, while white students are about 20 percent of the school. Hispanic students make up another 3 percent, with black students just under 1 percent. The city school system is nearly 70 percent black and Hispanic with white and Asian students making up roughly another 15 percent each.

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