Untitled Poem by Claris Esther

Police pepper spray protestors in Minneapolis

Centuries of violence
In the United States
Sanctioned by law
Against one race

The Civil War and reconstruction
Promised some peace
And hope for equality
Till the KKK got unleashed

They started rioting and murdering
Across the land
Against any Black citizen
Who dared take a stand

So that red summer
In 1919 began
Another century of violence
Across the land

We marched, and we sang,
And we prayed for justice,
But justice always
Remained just a promise

They put police in the streets
To keep us from marching
Sprayed water and bullets
And tear gas on citizens

But the promise of justice
Was more than enough
To keep on fighting
No matter how tough

The promise of justice, our rainbow sign
But no more water fire next time
No more marching fire next time
No more kneeling fire this time

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