What I learned about business development, in bed.

What I learned about business development, in bed.

Today, I woke up like hundreds of mornings before and started my day by browsing current events on my mobile phone. I like to start with politics and end with tech (I’m odd like that). I typically rotate between Medium, Twitter and Feedly, skimming subject lines, clicking on articles of interest and adding any articles that stand out to me to my Pocket for later consumption. But, this morning I took things one step further.

After reading an article on TechCrunch about ‘the full-stack startup’ which not only speaks to how we’re developing mobile apps for our clients at Keystoke and SandBox but also highlights how businesses, like Uber have reinvented entire industries; I decided to share the article with a few existing and potential clients that I thought might appreciate it (five to be exact). That simple act, transformed my Sunday. Each of the email recipients responded, sparking more interesting discussions. One even stating that:

I’ve added this article to my new Team Member On Boarding training doc because it nails our strategy on the head.

Always learning.

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